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Based on Bootstrap4, the newest framework of CSS.

Bootstrap 4 beta 2.0 was used which is the latest and stable.

The futuristic design keeps you ahead of every design.

Explore how you can create stunning pages effortlessly. Try various demos and layouts and see if they fit.

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Slick is built as the extended version of the Bootstrap 4. You can call it the missing part of Bootstrap 4. With Slick you can design layouts that match the modern web design trend, which is impossible with the Bootstrap 4. We didn't reinvent the wheel but made it 10x better.


A beautiful view of mountain

Silk and Compact

With the integrated Bootstrap 4 and its extended missing part, Slick is effectively turning your dream projects into reality.

Bootstrap 4 Extended

Crafted with Bootstrap 4, Slick is perfectly responsive for every devices, from iPhone to iMac and anything in between.

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Immensely Powerful

Manage layouts, spaces, gaps, fonts, colors, sizes, borders, painlessly with the pre-installed 2500+ CSS helper classes.

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